“The people of Nepal took me in when I had nothing and showed me a level of kindness that I have never seen anywhere. I founded SherpaCares (and eventually moved there to better run it) to return the favor, but it is a debt I can never fully repay.”

Mike “Nawang Geljen Sherpa” Solomon
Director and Founder


Current Projects

USD: $100/month. 3-month commitment min.

The fund aims to raise additional funds to bring in food, special oxygen concentrators, and other aid to parents in Kathmandu and rural regions.

All donations are done online with immediate tax deductions paperwork emailed. Updates and photographs will folow.

Many of my clients have given $14,000, but we are still $4000 short.

We rebuilt the Himalayan English Boarding school.

(check out the UPDATES!!!)

Thank you all for your generous support. If it were not for the many donors, 23 volunteers, corporate sponsors, International Relief teams, and CFI, we could not have completed this amazing feat.

Now the children (including many orphans) of the Everest region of Nepal will be able to get both an English education, while still keeping their local language and customs and family connections.

Please check here for updates about the school’s reconnection and expansion and to see and hear the impact of your efforts.

You have not only rebuilt a model school but begun the process of saving the languages of these Tibetan – based people from extinction. When a language dies, so does its culture.

NOTE: At SherpaCares, 92% of your donation goes directly to the people in need. We pay a 3% credit card fee and 5% Fiscal Sponsor fee but none of us gets any salary, travel expenses, or any other benefit. This has not changed in 15+ years of doing projects in Nepal.



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