Sponsoring Aayusma and Yashu Kiju

Your chance to make a huge impact on two newly orphaned girls in the 5th poorest country on Earth


Aayusma and Yashu’s Story

Aayusma Kiju sits outside their destroyed house

Yashu Kiju

While we were at the final stages of rebuilding the HEBS non-profit school in Nepal, a minor tragedy near Kathmandu has come to our attention.

For half of most Americans spend on their daily Starbucks, the lives of two struggling little girls can be forever changed. Could you be the one to help them?

Rajesh Kiju, the girls’  father,  found out that he has terminal cancer and won’t live long. He is already too sick to continue with his job and was dying in a hospital. He passed away last month.

Rajesh Kiju was a husband and father in a small village called Bhaktapur, near Kathmandu, Nepal. Rajesh, his family, and his elderly parents all lived in a tiny rock shack with a tin roof and no bathroom.

Their home was destroyed in the great Nepali earthquake of 2015, but instead of saving money to rebuild, Rajesh made a bold choice – to invest in his daughters’ futures instead by sending them to school for a life-changing education. This is especially important to Yashu, who suffers from Down Syndrome.

Nepal is the 5th poorest country in the word, and bank workers like Rajesh who typically make just $400 per month often turn to corruption to make up the difference. Rajesh made another bold choice – to avoid crime and the bad karma such behavior brings. Now was only 3-years away from getting a small pension that would support his family if something happened to him.

Rajesh didn’t make it that long…

His biggest concern was not for himself, but for the future of his kids. He doesn’t know where the money will come from to keep his two daughters in school. He worked incredibly hard his whole life to get his kids into a private school, as the public schools are worthless. His older daughter, Yashu, has Downs Syndrome and has special needs.

And like all parents, his biggest concern is not for himself, but for the future of his children. How will his daughters be able to stay in school? Who will provide for them if he cannot?

Can you imagine? Now without a father and looking at being forced to leave school, which would leave them with no future.

Our goal is to give the family some good news ASAP, as they struggle with the shock of the fathers passing. It would make them so happy to hear that we found at least 1 sponsor for 1 of the girls.

Tuition, transportation, and other school expenses are $100/month (about $3/day). 

The family is so stressed about how to keep the girls in school, feed, clothed, and with enough electricity to study under the 2 light bulbs under their tin roof. A little good news would mean a lot to them.


  • You can specify which girl you would like to sponsor in the “Additional Comments” section or email Mike, the SherpaCares director.
  • If you ever find yourself in Nepal, SherpaCares will coordinate a visit.
  • Every month you will get an email with a receipt and the paperwork needed for tax deductions.
  • Their school will last another 3 to 5 years, but you can stop your sponsorship anytime and we will transfer the sponsorship to a new sponsor. Even 1 or 2 months will take care of their urgent need and we can find them a new sponsor.   
  • We are always working to get the word out and build a list of people in the West who want to make the biggest impact on another’s life with the smallest amount of money by sponsoring, or taking over a sponsorship, of a child in a unique situation.
  • Most people who sponsor a child also become their penpal, sharing quick emails about each other’s lives and cultures. It is a moving experience and rewarding connection. If you are too busy to write, Aayusma will just update you with photos of their progress via email.
  • If by the time you read this, SherpaCares has been able to get sponsors for both girls, we then have 3 more girls and 2 boys waiting to be sponsored and to connect with you as a penpal. We will email you to ask whether switching to one of them would work for you.

Nisha Rai writing to her sponsor Susan Lyon from the computer lab at her school.

Nisha writes at school

Nisha's first email to Susan

For just $100/month, you have the opportunity to feed, clothe and keep one of the sisters in school, as well as make an ongoing penpal connection for life.

The fiscal sponsor for this project is MRDS (Millennium Relief and Development Services), a 501(c)(3) non-profit that takes care of this project’s accounting, accountability, and provides you with tax-deduction paperwork.


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