The MiresBall Forest


MiresBall in San Diego, CA

Project Cost:

$4,000 for the planting of 16,000 trees

This project, including its profound impact on the community and sponsor, is summarized best in this two-minute segment

In 1999, SherpaCares became involved in a reforestation campaign to benefit the village of Sano-Gomala. It was especially urgent for the school building that lay in the path of many landslides during the monsoon season.

SherpaCares called on MiresBall, a San Diego-based branding and design company, to adopt the village and sponsor the reforestation campaign for $4,000.

One year later after the project was completed, SherpaCares accompanied the village matriarch, Chhokpa Sherpa, from her Himalayan village to the MiresBall office to present Scott Mires and the employees with a Kata, a traditional Sherpa symbol of honor. She also presented messages and artwork from the children of the village’s school.

Today, the MiresBall Forest is 16,000 trees that not too long ago were saplings. The school is in a far safer environment and the children as well. The project, for its small scale and major impact, was highly recognized in the media with Mires+Ball featured in the San Diego Business Journal and National Public Television’s California Connected show.

The reforestation project also had a notable impact on at least one particular staff member of MiresBall. Cory Dunn donated $200 to fund the Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP), the first program to teach tourists what they can do to preserve Nepal’s fragile ecology during their visit.

Handmade notes of gratitude by the children of Sano-Gomala village in Nepal to the staff of MiresBall in San Diego: