Khorhola Literacy Classroom

Project Details:

SherpaCares is building two computer language labs in the villages of Khorhola and Sarkinast in Nepal. The goal is to teach residents how to read and write in Nepali, the national language. While many villagers can speak Nepali (as well as one of the 94 local languages of their village or ethnic group), the majority cannot understand any form of written communication. Thus, people often have difficulty obtaining work.


Current Needs:

We have acquired two of the servers we need, and almost half of the laptops (see chart below). We need additional computers. So, if you have been looking for an excuse to upgrade your laptop to a newer model, or have an old but functional one collecting dust at home, please sponsor a student station by donating it.


An Australian company is sponsoring a micro-hydroelectric unit that will provide power for the classroom.


A western climber has written JAVA software that uses new audio playback and text-to-speech technology to teach Nepali. By using small terminal servers to power the software, we will runĀ  all computers in the classroom by networking them.


As soon as classes have started, we want to implement Phase 2 of the project – internet access.


Email will provide the villagers with a powerful tool to develop their new literacy skills by writing to relatives in other villages. It will also have the benefit of connecting Khorhola and Sarkinast to the world, enabling residents to build a new micro-economy for support.


For Phase 2 we need a sponsor to purchase the necessary satellite dish. Another sponsor could pay the monthly internet fee.