HEBS updates

UPDATED Dec 16, 2018

You did it!

We now have 100% of the funds need to reach all our reconstruction goal and reconstruction of an expanded HEBS campus has begun.

Here is a recap of our progress to date:


Goal #1: $20,000

Caring for the children left behind after the 2015 earthquake

Fundraising status:
Goal Reached 100%

Thanks to a single generous and quickly bestowed grant from the Bradbury Charitable Fund (Daniel M. Bradbury & Annette Bradbury of La Jolla, California), our goal was reached on January 4, 2016.

These funds did three things:

  1. They enabled Dawa to convert his home into a temporary learning facility so students could continue the past academic year without interruption. He also turned his mother’s home into a temporary boarding facility to feed, house and care for the children. The results for those children have been not only a recovery from the trauma of the earthquake (and for many, the loss of their parents) but also hope and real enthusiasm for their futures.
  2. With the children cared for, Dawa was able to turn all of his attention and efforts toward raising funds and to the reconstruction of the school.
  3. The funds will continue to sustain these children through April of 2017, when the rebuilt earthquake-resistant school is scheduled to open.


Goal #2: $277,000


Fundraising status:

Goal Reached

How you raising 100% of the funds

Thanks to the efforts of over 23 dedicated volunteers, companies, and organizations in San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle, and a matching grant of $130,000 from International Relief Teams, we have been able to raise 100% of the reconstruction costs needed to rebuild (and expand) the school facilities.

We worked for months but couldn’t get past that 80% mark, until IRT and 3 families came along.

The end of this project was made possible by:

1. IRT (International Relief Teams) decided to give a second “matching funds” grant as we were so close to the end. They matched each donation dollar for dollar (up to $30,000), so we needed to raise only $30,000 to finish the project and begin construction!

2. Three families gave $10,000 each to raise the remaining $30,000. Without naming names, the kids are all grateful to the donor of that final $10,000 holding up construction.

Phase 1 Done – Six new classroom built and operating

The first phase, construction of six new earthquake-resistant classrooms, was completed in September of 2016.

Thanks to the six new classrooms, HEBS is now supporting 55 children in a real classrooms, (up from the 22 Dawa was able to educate by converting his house into a temporary classroom).



Thanks to the six new classrooms, HEBS is now supporting 55 children in a real classroom, (up from the 22 Dawa was able to educate by converting his house into a temporary classroom).


Dawa and the HEBS team in Nepal are already underway with planning for construction of the final building after the Himalayan winter. It is estimated to take 6-9 months before the children on the standby list can enroll.

All materials ready

Almost all of the needed construction supplies for the last portion have already been purchased and flown in by helicopter, and are sitting under tarps ready for the remaining funds to be raised.

HEBS Construction Material Under Tarps

Final phase of the construction of the HEBS campus is underway

 Helipad problem solved. Supplies in place. Last phase of construction to begin.

Just as Dawa was starting construction of the HEBS Hostel building we got news that the Nepali government, in an effort to bring in more revenue from commercial climbing expeditions, announced the construction of a helipad very near the original site of a HEBS classroom. This will bring in more revenue from even more Everest climbers and trekkers, despite the rising death toll on the mountain for western climbers and Sherpa guides/porters alike. It will also be distracting to students trying to hear their teachers.

Dawa found a solution!

He was able to strike a deal with the helicopter company, make changes in the layout of the campus, and resolve the other obstacles. It will mean a short walk as things are more spread out, but the helicopter noise won’t be an issue for children studying.

Now that all problems have been solved, materials purchased, delivered, the final phase construction is about to start.


Latest Update

The Final Building is done!!!!!

 Hostel Building is complete!

After months of construction material shortages, coronavirus lockdowns, bad weather, and labor shortages, the final building of the HEBS campus is done!


Construction Puja

In our culture we do this puja before we start construction as we believe that the land belongs to god/goddesses/spiritual/etc. We believe that if we do this puja then the construction will be successful and without any accident, problem etc. We also believe that doing this puja will bring us peace, harmony, compassion etc.

This puja must be done at the construction side before we dig the foundation.


This puja is called as follows:
1) In Sherpa language “Sa Long”
2) In Nepali language “Bhumi puja”
3) In English language “Land worship”