Establishment of the Literacy Lab in Lukla


In late 2010, SherpaCares began an initiative to build a Literacy Lab in the small school in the Himalayan village of Lukla. This lab is housed in the computer lab built and run by Classroom in the Clouds. Here children and villagers practice reading and writing in a computer classroom that connects them to the world. The concept was driven by several of SherpaCares potential sponsors who wanted to help but were unsure how to do that.

Shree Lukla Primary School, in Lukla, was chosen as host of the first Literacy Lab and the resulting email Pen Pal program.


NYCA and LYON and Associates of San Diego, CA

Project Cost: varied

Current Impact

Today, students of the school participate in a unique email Pen Pal program. They write emails to their families in Kathmandu, or to their sponsors in California. With the help of the Nima Yangee Sherpa, the Classroom in the Clouds sponsored teacher at the school, students develop their reading and writing skills in a medium that is motivating and effective.

The project has received a great response from the students and villagers in the local community. And teachers are thrilled by the interest the children have in learning to read and write. The Pen Pal program provides them a practical and fun use for these new skills.

Sponsors that Made it Possible

NYCA of Encinitas, California, donated the necessary specialized network equipment to enable internet access. LYON and Associates of Solana Beach, California, donated the bulk of the laptops. Individual donors supplyied the remaining ones. Adam Waite went to Lukla to do the network engineering.

The project would not have been possible without the use of the computer lab built and run by Classroom in the Clouds.