Disabled Porter Co-Op

Sponsors: Carl Heaton (CEO of American Capital Group) & Mike Salomon (founder of Sherpa Performance Guides)

Project Cost: $2400

The Need:

Porters injured on mountaineering expeditions often suffer from frostbite, resulting in the loss of work as porters. Many have little or no education, leaving them with fewer ways in which to support their families.

The Solution:

In 2008, under the joint financial sponsorship of Carl Heaton and Mike Salomon, SherpaCares established a co-op facility in Kathmandu where disabled porters can support themselves and their families by:

  • Making, serving and selling coffee
  • Making and selling foodstuffs and handicrafts


This allows injured porters to become self-sufficient enough to provide for their families.

Project Description:

Kul Bahadur Rai was the first disabled porter in the co-op to receive training and the necessary equipment. He was soon able live without depending on his former sponsor, Sherpa Performance Guides.