Sowing the Roots for Diabetes Specialists

Nepal is the fourth poorest country in the world, and has one of the least developed health care systems. Access to trained health care professionals and medical facilities, in particular, any specialists, are critically limited. Extremely few health care practitioners know about diabetes and its care. SherpaCares seeks to address this problem with help of a sponsor.

“In the traditional of Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King Jr., we believe that great movements start from the dream, dedication, and mission of one unique individual.

Having spent time with Namuna, I was captured and inspired by her story of bringing herself out of dire poverty and illness with a relentless determination to become the first Diabetes specialist in the entire Rasuwa district and help others avoid what she has had to overcome.

The ferocity and sincerity of her personal mission, left me moved to find a way to help. I fiercely believe she can do it, and only needs a little help and someone to show her the way.”

Mike Salomon


We see a dire need for any type of diabetes care in the country. To begin to address this problem, we have found a bright and motivated 16-year-old woman who not only suffers from Type 1 diabetes, but whose life goal is to become educated in the medical field and be able to treat others with this condition. Despite growing up in poverty and a severely abusive home situation, she has shown such promise and potential, that her sponsors have backed her in getting a degree as a Community Medical Assistant (CMA) and are now funding her nursing school education. This is a level of education is extremely rare in Nepal – most children are pulled out of school during middle school to work in the fields. In addition to supporting her with food, shelter, tuition and supplies, they are also attempting to assist her in managing her own diabetes with medication and health care.


We are seeking a corporation, organization, or individual sponsor who would be willing to sponsor Namuna and provide the following (Note: These costs are based on the market conditions today *):

  • Tuition, books and supplies for Namuna to complete her training as a CMA, and in acquiring her nursing credentials to become a medical practitioner with skills in treating Diabetes, so she can go back to her community and help her people while training the next generation of diabetes specialists in Nepal.

$3,117 USa year for 3 years ($260/month)

  • Any medication, equipment, etc. that are needed in caring for her own diabetes, as Namuna’s blood sugar level are currently not in control.

Based advice and supply at
hand from the sponsor or
sponsoring company

  • A specialist in the West who can serve as a mentor. Namuna is currently relying on volunteer doctors who serve at a nearby site for a few weeks to few months at a time, and generally do not have expertise in treating diabetes. She would greatly benefit from a consultation from a specialist in the United States who is capable and available to advise and guide the treatment by the general practitioner in Nepal working with Namuna.

We estimate 1 hour,
every other week.

* In Nepal, due to government and economic instability, the exchange rate, and the Nepalese marketplace, tuition and other costs can spike. These are our best estimates as of this moment.


Every successful corporation relies on holding a highly respected reputation, not only in the quality of their services and products, but their relationship to the community, and often the global community. Being a leader who directly improves the welfare and well-being of an entire community in a very specific and much needed way, is one of the ultimate forms of public relations. The community benefits, and your corporation benefits by being seen as a socially conscious and an important contributing member of the globe.

Within the corporation, it improves employee morale and customer morale – people value working with a company who is thought of as a good corporate citizen, one who makes a positive difference.

Furthermore, your company will form an ongoing relationship with Namuna via emails and photos to be delivered by a Sherpa Performance Guides staffer (in Nepal) on regular basis, so that you may witness the growth and evolution of your contribution.


With Namuna trained as a nurse, the men, women and children of the Rasuwa District, as well as other neighboring communities, would have access to trained medical personnel who can offer assistance in diabetes and other life-threatening conditions. Additionally, with Namuna’s specific interest in specializing in diabetes care, it truly brings diabetes identification/diagnosis and treatment to this part of the world.

Other possibilities open up, including Namuna being able to train others. Namuna can be an example to other children living in poverty or abusive situations, as a possibility of what else they could do with their lives, and how they could effect meaningful change.