Why we are different…

Why SherpaCares ™ is different

  • We spend time matchmaking, not fundraising, being  more like project managers than humanitarian workers.
  • Your money doesn’t get funneled into some big pool to help someone you have never seen and don’t have a relationship with.
  • We have a 12 year record working in the Himalaya region on a multitude of projects.
  • We are not a NGO, we don’t have employees, offices, or high-overhead.


We are modeled like an adoption agency. We help find a sponsor for a village, a child, or a future community leader to fund one project that will enable them to reach their potential.

We keep the relationship between the recipients and their sponsor alive via frequent updates, photos, letters, and video.

We find a village with a specific need. It could be a group of poor children missing the one thing they need to excel and give back to their community: education, healthcare, transportation. It could be a future village doctor too poor to even entertain her dream of entering medical school.

Since we spend several months of the year, working on site SherpaCares is able to see, first hand, the unique opportunities where your sponsorship will make a world of difference. We thoroughly investigate each situation to make certain that the need is legitimate and the solution is inexpensive and easily implementable to ensure success.

We then employ our network to seek out that special individual, group, or corporation in the West to sponsor that particular village, those individual children, that future medical leader.

We partner with several NGOs (Non-Governmental Organization’s) which take care of managing the funds, tax-deduction paperwork, etc.

SherpaCares handles everything from bringing together the ??, the NGO, a to publicity for your project to spread awareness around the world about your unique contribution and how it has affected lives. We continue this practice of success, sharing as your project grows in effectiveness in years following.

Are you ready to sponsor and resolve an urgent need by building a school, a clinic, a life, and a legacy?

In Nepal, a small investment can move mountains or affect hundreds of people. For less than the cost of hiring a temporary worker for one month, Mires-Ball sponsored the village of Sano-Gomala and took care of their biggest environmental problem by planting 16,000 trees. Today, the Mires Forest is not only thriving and providing a healthy environment for the children to grow up in, but it also has been recognized in the press as a model for small-scale, big impact projects all over Nepal.

Click here for more information about the Mires-Ball Reforestation Project