HEBS updates (UPDATED May, 2018)

UPDATED May, 2018

It is an understatement to say your support to rebuild HEBS has made outstanding progress.

The classroom has been rebuilt!

We are 80% of the way towards our reconstruction goals. Here is a recap of our progress to date:


Goal #1: $20,000

Caring for the children left behind after the 2015 earthquake


Fundraising status:
[wppb progress=100 option=”flat candystripe green” percent=”inside” text=”100% Goal Reached”]


Thanks to a single generous and quickly bestowed grant from the Bradbury Charitable Fund (Daniel M. Bradbury & Annette Bradbury of La Jolla, California), our goal was reached on January 4, 2016.

These funds did three things:

  1. They enabled Dawa to convert his home into a temporary learning facility so students could continue the past academic year without interruption. He also turned his mother’s home into a temporary boarding facility to feed, house and care for the children. The results for those children have been not only a recovery from the trauma of the earthquake (and for many, the loss of their parents), but hope and real enthusiasm for their futures.
  2. With the children cared for, Dawa was able to turn all of his attention and efforts toward raising funds and to the reconstruction of the school.
  3. The funds will continue to sustain these children through April of 2017, when the rebuilt earthquake-resistant school is scheduled to open.



Goal #2: $277,000



Fundraising status:
[wppb progress=80 option=”flat candystripe green” percent=”inside” text=”80% Goal Reached $221,813″]

The Lemon Family Challenge

The Lemon family of Australia has issued a challenge. In addition to the $1,000 they have already donated, they have offered to donate an additional $10,000 if two other families do the same and finish this project. The Rosenstein family of La Jolla and another La Jolla family (that asks to be unnamed) were on board. Everyone at SherpaCares was so thrilled.

Sadly, the head of the third family just suffered a terrible stroke and now will need round-the-clock home care for the foreseeable future. If you know of any other families, companies, or organizations with the means to take over their slot, please let us know.

Thanks to the efforts of over 23 dedicated volunteers, companies, and organizations in San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle, and a matching grant of $100,000 from International Relief Teams, we have been able to raise 80% of the reconstruction costs needed to rebuild (and expand) the school facilities.

As we pursue raising the remaining 20% ($60,000) of the reconstruction funds, Dawa and the HEBS team in Nepal are already underway with the construction.

Last month, IRT decided to give a second “matching funds” grant as we are so close to the end. They will match each donation dollar for dollar (up to $30,000), so if we can raise only $30,000 the project will be done and construction will begin!



The first phase, construction of six new earthquake-resistant classrooms, was completed in September of 2016.

Thanks to the six new classrooms, HEBS is now supporting 55 children in a real classroom, (up from the 22 Dawa was able to educate by converting his house into a temporary classroom).

As construction of the new school and dorms continues, children from more remote villages will be able to attend the school. The waiting list of students who want to enroll is long, with some families walking two days to Lukla to enroll their children when they are notified that HEBS can accommodate them.

The completed school will serve over 300 children from all over the Mount Everest region of Nepal.


If your group or someone you, know can put the reconstruction fund over the top, please Contact Us, or Donate Now. Remember, all donations will be matched (up to another $30,000) by IRT, so anything you give has twice the impact.


Almost all of the needed construction supplies for the last portion have already been purchased, flow in by helicopter, and are sitting under tarps ready for the remaining funds to be raised.


HEBS Construction Material Under Tarps


The building season starts in a month. If you can take the project to 100%, you will be saving a school, a language, and an ancient culture.




Goal #3: $93,000 for Self-Sufficiency, Equipment, and Expansion (not time-sensitive)

Ensuring the future of the school


Fundraising status:
[wppb progress=0 option=”flat candystripe green” percent=”inside” text=”0% Goal Reached”]


Click here for details about the use of these targeted funds

Can you help us find sponsors that can make Goal #3 a reality so that we can create a model for education in all developing nations? Please contact us with any recommendations or suggestions.



Thank You For Your Support!

Our progress so far has been made possible because of the help of hundreds of donors, including many of you reading this. We are especially grateful for the tireless work of these unique supporters:

  1. Dan and Annette Bradbury.
  2. IRT (International Relief Teams).
  3. The widow, children, and fans of the late Scott Fischer, to whom the rebuilt school is dedicated. Read more about Scott here.
  4. Mark Gunlogson of Mountain Madness.
  5. Peter Goldman and Martha Kongsgaard-Goldman.
  6. The great American mountaineer and author Ed Viesturs who has given his time to speak at many of our fundraising events.
  7. Our corporate partners.
  8. Isabelle Wasserman. When we thought that raising this amount of money would be impossible and we were about to give up our efforts, it was Isabelle who encouraged us with suggestions, ideas and hope. She set the wheels in motion for the kind of fundraising events that have been held thus far.
  9. Kathy Bowdish PhD and Sanofi Corporation
  10. Mr. Peter Lemon.
  11. You! Whether you have made a donation or not, each one of you who takes the time to read this website and share news about our progress on social media has helped connect us to other resources to make our dream of a secure, continuing education for the children in the Everest region of Nepal a reality. Thank you!