Goal #3: $93,000 for Self-Sufficiency, Equipment, and Expansion

Goal #3: Self-Sufficiency, Equipment, and Expansion

FUNDRAISING STATUS: 0% of goal reached ($93,000)

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This goal will make HEBS a 100% self sufficient and let it expand by adding one grade level per year. Our vision is to establish a self-sufficient school that will never need additional funding to cover its operating budget (teacher salaries, the cook, school supplies, etc). Dawa’s plan includes items such as:

  • Dual use of the cafeteria – when the students are not using it, the area will be a restaurant for climbers and trekkers flying into Lukla and heading towards Mt. Everest.
  • Renting unused ground-level stalls – the school will rent eight stalls to local shopkeepers who sell climbing and trekking equipment.


The main obstacle to achieving this goal is the debt the school currently carries. In order to construct the school, Dawa took out low-interest and no-interest loans and incurred other debts. In addition, parts of the school property require recurring monthly rental fees. Repayment of these debts will eliminate a considerable amount of the school’s monthly operating budget. Accomplishing Goal #3 will eliminate all these burdens, allow HEBS to accommodate 300 children, and maintain a monthly budgetary surplus which will be used for expansion.


  • These surplus funds will be used to expand the grade levels taught in the school, specifically adding teachers and other infrastructure.
  • The budget is designed to add one grade level each year, until the school is the US equivalent of a Preschool through 12th grade facility.
  • At present, HEBS is teaching a play group, a nursery group, a kindergarten class, and a 1st grade class. Beginning in the next academic session (April of 2017), HEBS will be teaching 2nd and 3rd grade as well.


Other Goal #3 objectives include:

  • Adding facilities – including an IT lab with computers and satellite Internet.
  • Providing school supplies – pens, pencils, notebooks, and everything else students need – without being a financial burden to the extremely poor rural village families these children come from.
  • Transform HEBS from a school that meets the basic educational needs of the local villages to one that is in every way as good as the finest – and very expensive – for-profit schools in Kathmandu.


In short, Goal #3 will achieve Dawa’s goal of creating a facility that will stem the tide of language and cultural extinction among the Sherpa (and the other Tibetan peoples) in the Himalayan region of Nepal. Cultural extinction is presently occurring because families with means send their children away to Kathmandu for school. In Kathmandu the rural children lose all connection to their families, language, and culture. They quickly adopt the worst of modern culture, living in an environment of health-endangering pollution, street crime, and potential exposure to street drugs.


We need sponsors to make Goal #3 a reality! Help us create a model for education and development in this developing nation. Please contact us.