The Story of Lakpa Diki’s 3 Amazing Girls


 NOT PICTURED: Dajangmu Sherpa (oldest daughter) and Migma Dorge (oldest son).

Lakpa Diki is a near-deaf mother of three remarkable girls and a son, from the the village of Lukla, in the Khumbu Valley in Nepal. They were subsistence farmers when their house was destroyed in the second great Nepali earthquake of 2015. With their house in ruins, and the local government school unable to continue to educate girls.


Lakpa Diki and her 3 girls and 1 boy are relatives of Dakee Sherpa, the wife of SherpaCares founder Mike Salomon. Dakee and Mike funded their to escape to Kathmandu, got them a place in Kathmandu, and paid to enrolled the girls in a unique English-medium school.

Dakee and Mike still pay thier rent and utilities and all bills for the older son, Mingma Dorge. For the last two years, they were still paying their tutition, and school costs, but that is no longer possible. Their personal funds are now needed for their own girls and the pandemic doesn’t help.


SherpaCares is looking for three people to sponsor the girls to enable them to complete the amazing and unexpected progress they have achieved.


The girls are very unique in that in just two years, each has learned English, and come out at the top of their class, Few children, especially village girls in Nepal, have accomplished see much or shown such promise. With your support, these three girls each have a great chance to not only to do something remarkable for themselves but to take those skills and help others.



  • Dafutee Sherpa – Age 6

    Dafutee wants to become a nurse and midwife. This would make her and be the only source of birth assistance and healthcare in her village.


  • Mingma Yangjee Sherpa – Age 19

    Mingma Yangjee rose to the top of her class in mathematics. She is only 3 years away from graduating with what would be the first degree for any woman in her village. She is on track to becoming an accountant. She wants to be the first accountant to work for the many tourist shops and lodges desperately needing accounting in and near her village.


  • Dajangmu – Age 15

    Dajangmu has just been accepted into an advanced program towards a degree with an emphasis in diabetes, which is the fastest growing problem in the villages. Her schooling will end in a month. But her mother can’t pay tuition for the rest of her education. 



By adopting one of the three girls, you will also establish a lifelong relationship with a remarkable young woman that you can be proud of. SherpaCares will facilitate communication between you and the girl you sponsor.

Your sponsorship of $100/month ($3.3/day) will help one of Lhakpa Diki’s kids stay in school, reach their potential, and graduate with a skill that they can take back to their village and help countless other Nepali families.



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