Change for Hope School Supplies

Provide School Supplies via Change for Hope

SherpaCares accepts only fixed-price “project-specific” donations for its active projects (currently rebuilding the HEBS school and finding sponsors for the education of six children, who can become your penpal if you like). 

If you would like to send a smaller gift that can be distributed to any of a number of schools, we can accept it through our partnership with Pam Smith’s Change for Hope charity.

We have worked side by side with Pam and her volunteers for more than 10 years. Know that your gift will be used wisely and have a deep impact on the children it helps.

Here are some suggested amounts, along with what they enable you to provide:

$25 – School supplies for 1 child for a year
$50 – School uniform for 1 child for a year
$100 – Whiteboard and pens for 1 classroom
$200 – Groceries to feed 30 children lunch for a month
$350 – Used laptop fully loaded with geography, science, and Nepali teaching software

NOTE: You may specify one of the items above in the notes, or just let Pam decide how best to use your gift.

Our partner on the ground for this project is Hope for Change.

Learn more about Change for Hope here.

Donate to Change for Hope here.

All donations are 100% tax deductible and you will be emailed the tax paperwork and a receipt.