Aviva Salomon Memorial Fund

Dear Clients, Friends, and Associates,

When my mom died in May, my foundation (SherpaCares), started a fund in her name. Even in her last days at the ICU, she asked about how the villagers (mostly Everest guides) in our adopted village of Lukla were doing as she knew a catastrophe was happening on Mt Everest that would affect many of the people she knew (my wife is from there and I lived there for many years).

The fund aims to raise $9,275 to bring in 25 oxygen concentrators (that we can get through some of my clients in medical equipment and biotech) to 22 fathers ill with the strain of COVID that devastated India in June.

Many clients have given, but we are still $950 short.

Pasang Geljen Sherpa (my Nephew) seems to be sick with COVID symptoms after heroically leading a successful effort to lower 7 Sherpa guides and 1 Westerner off Camp 2 on Everest. I have attached photos of him ice climbing in Nepal and guiding a Japanese team on the first ascent of Ama Dablam (22,349 feet) without supplement oxygen.

We were able to get him on a helicopter ride to Kathmandu, but all the hospitals there are full, all ICUs are packed, and people are dying in the back seat of taxis as their relatives drive around looking for oxygen bottles on the black market. When I talked to Pasang recently, he had a heavy fever, chronic diarrhea, and complained of breathing problems. We have 7 other relatives (of the village group of 22) quarantined in tents next to the airstrip and my mother-in-law’s old house.

I’m less worried about our relatives (who are young and super strong) than the parents of the kids we have at the HEBS school. We have 22 fathers sick, and if the breadwinner dies, we will have more orphans at our school than we did when the 2015 earthquake hit, and we took in 23 kids whose parents died when their houses collapsed on them in the middle of the school day.

If you know anyone that can help with a donation (tax deductible) can you pass this link on to them?

DONATION LINK: https://mrds.org/donate/SherpaCares002