Aviva Salomon Nepal COVID Aid Memorial Fund

Dear Clients, Friends, and Associates,

When my mom died in May, my foundation (SherpaCares), started a fund in her name. Even in her last days at the ICU, she asked about how the friends and family she had in Kathmandu and in our home village of Lukla and were doing as relatives told her about the COVID 2nd wave catastrophe was happening in Nepal.

The fund aims to bring in a minimum of 13 medical-grade, australian made, oxygen concentrators, doctors, food, and other help to Kathmandu and the Sagarmatha region. In Lukla alone, there are 22 people ill with the strain of COVID (delta) that devastated India in June. One died last week.

(NOTE: These numbers are changing daily as more cases come in and we get more funding)

Many of our corporate and private donors have given, but we are still accepting donations to the fund for more supplies as he situation worsens

Our main worry is that the breadwinner of the families dies, we will have more orphans at our HEBS school than we did when the 2015 earthquake hit, where we took in 23 kids whose parents died when their houses collapsed on them in the middle of the school day.

If you know anyone that can help with a donation (tax deductible) can you pass this link on to them?

DONATION LINK: https://mrds.org/donate/SherpaCares002

NOTE: At SherpaCares, 92% of your donation goes directly to the people in need. We pay a 3% credit card fee and 5% Fiscal Sponsor fee but none of us gets any salary, travel expenses, or any other benefit. This has not changed in 15+ years of doing projects in Nepal.

Mike (Nawang Geljen Sherpa) Solomon

Update (06-25-21)

Oxygen concentrators arrived in Kathmandu

10 of the medical-grade, Oxygen concentrators arrived in at Kathmandu International Airport and were picked up.

Immediately flown out via bush plane

They were flown (as soon a weather allowed) to the rural Solukhumbu District on 06-21-21 by bush plane --- The rest will go to hospitals in Kathmandu upon their arrival. This is expected any day now.

Flown by bush plane to to the Lukla region

The concentrators arrived in Lukla on 06-21-2, handed over to the "Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality" Ward Chairman, Mr Ang Furba Sherpa", and were taken to the Lukla Isolation Centre where there are currently 24 Covid patients --- All medical care is being administered by the doctors from the Pasang Lhamu/Nicole Niquille Hospital (the Swiss-Build clinic in the region).

Receipt 1

Thanks to all of our corporate and private donors for making this part of our efforts happen so quickly.

Update 9-02-2021

Oxygen plant at Helping Hand Community Hospital in Kathmandu

Oxygen plant at Helping Hand Community Hospital in KTM

Your funds went to help in the cities