Punarbal AIDS Orphanage Expansion project

Sponsor: Urgently Needed

Project Cost: $60 per month per child per month

Mrs. Aspara Karki runs an orphanage and school in Nepal’s capital of Kathmandu for children affected by AIDS. It’s called Punarbal Shikshya Sadan, meaning Reinforced House, and it is exactly that for 65 children from many regions of Nepal who have lost their parents or relatives to HIV / AIDS. These children face not only expulsion from school, but also being ostracized by their communities. Mrs. Karki has taken them in.

The activities are well-organized by Aspara and her husband with the support of western volunteers, and a dedicated sponsor from Alaska.

Urgent Need

The next great challenge has arrived. With a solid reputation in the country for its generous care, Punarbal AIDS Orphanage wants to welcome 20 new children.

Space is already limited with eight beds per room. Fortunately, there is a house nearby that is undergoing renovations, and the orphanage will soon more there.

Sponsors are needed for the new children at Punarbal AIDS Orphanage where they will be well provided for and receive a good education. Sponsorship is $60 per month per child.


The Benefits to Child and Sponsor

Each child receives an education, medical care, food, clothing, and a loving environment to call home for the sponsorship cost of $60 per month.

Aspara Karki, who runs the programs for the children, personally provides you with quarterly updates and photos on your child’s progress. Sponsor one of these children!